Building Technology

655 (577 Urban + 78 Rural) Building Centres have been approved as a part of national building centres, out of which 442 Building Centres are functional an the remaining building centres are at various stages of functionality. The building centres have developed into an effective construction delivery system for affordable housing and also contributing to employment and income generation at local levels. The Centres have imparted training on cost effective technologies to voer 3,10,854 artisans and have introduced technologies in production of building components and construction of houses & buildings worth ¿1820 crores and the range of cost savings has been from 15 to 40% over conventional costs. The Indian Building Centre movement has gained international recognition with its inclusion in the Best Practices Global 100 List 1998 of the UNCHS (HABITAT).

Promotion of Self Employment Enterprises

A number of Building Centre have gained recognition for their significant contribution and have ventured into innovative practice to make themselves sustainable by helping creation of micro enterprises. For example INSWAREB has developed a number of self-employment entrepreneurs.

Solid/Hollow concrete Blocks

The efforts of Building Centres resulted in production of solid/hollow concrete blocks and pavement tiles by substitution of conventional materials like bricks. These products are widely used in construction throughout India.

Ferro Cement, FAL-G Products and Wood Substitute Products

In southern states, ferro cement elements, FAL-G components, MCR tiles, RCC doors/window frames are widely used in construction activities. These products are in substitution of conventional building materials.