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  1. The Scheme
  2. The programme is for funding of construction of Community Toilets and Sanitation facilities for the benefit of floating population and the public in general. The scheme is for construction of community toilets in Schools/Institutes/ Hospitals/busy market places/Bus stands/Railway Stations/slums etc. ELIGIBILITY HUDCO's grant assistance will be available to State Govt. nominated agencies, Corporate Sector agencies, NGOs, CBOs, Charitable Trusts/Institutions, provided the agency is competent under its constitution or the law governing it to raise the grant/loan for the activity. Agency should also have requisite experience. The agency should have good track record. Agency will be required to submit its audited account for last three years. The "No objection certificate" along with the copy of agreement is required to be given by the land owning agency if construction of community toilets is done by borrowing agency or agency other than landowner. The agency should not have defaulted in respect of loans/grants, if any, availed from HUDCO or any other Govt. department etc.

  3. Financial Pattern
  4. The scheme envisages the ceiling cost of WC/Bath at Rs. 40,000/- each (excluding the cost of land).HUDCO would make available a maximum of Rs. 20,000/- (50%) as subsidy amount and the matching share Rs. 20,000/- would be borne by the implementing agency from its own sources, or from MPLAD/MLA funds etc. HUDCO's funds would be released only after agency invests its share of Rs. 20,000/-in the project. In case the gross cost per WC / Bath exceeds Rs. 40,000/-, then HUDCO can finance the balance project cost as loan to the agency depending upon financial viability of the project, and this loan would be extended under HUDCO's infrastructure guidelines and 'Action Plan' schemes terms of financing and agency will be required to pay application fee and other applicable charges as per HUDCO's prevailing financing pattern HUDCO will release its share of grant only after agency ensures that all statutory approvals are obtained and invest its share in the scheme duly supported with photographs of work in progress, along with expenditure statement duly certified by the Authorized Officer in case of public agencies and by Chartered Accountant in case of other agencies like NGOs, CBOs etc. The HUDCO's grant will be released in two installments. Second installment will be released based on the utilization of the previous installment

    Agency would be free to add small Kiosks/Shops enabling generation of additional funds which can be used for repayment of loan/maintenance of the Community Toilet Complex.

    Depending upon the need/demand, a Night Shelter component could also be added on the 1st floor of the Community Toilet Complexes.

    The use of local building materials, substitutes for cement and secondary species of timber shall be encouraged in such projects. Copy of Agreement for O & M cost to be provided.

    To improve the viability, the implementing agencies may explore the possibility of availing the schemes/subsidies regarding solar water heater, solar energy, biogas etc. To improve the viability, the implementing agencies may explore to avail the schemes/subsidies regarding solar water heater, solar energy, biogas etc. from the MNES and other departments and also display advertisement as per the rules of the local authority and other applicable laws for the time being, in force.

  5. Scheme Size
  6. HUDCO will provide maximum grant of up to Rs. 50.00 lacs per district.

  7. Monitoring
  8. The borrowing agencies are required to submit progress reports on the sanctioned schemes to HUDCO in the prescribed format before release of funds. HUDCO will not finance any cost over-runs. In case, the project is not completed by the agency or the grant is not utilized for the purpose due to whatsoever reason, within the given time frame, the agency is liable to refund the released amount to HUDCO along with penalty as would be decided by HUDCO.

  9. O & M
  10. The entire O & M cost will be borne by the land owning/implementing agency, the details for the same to be indicated in the proposal. In case the facility is for an institution then, the O & M cost will be borne by the Institution from its own sources.

  11. Submission & Sanction of Scheme
  12. The scheme should be submitted along with details of design/cost estimates, implementation & maintenance methodology etc. at HUDCO's Regional Offices.